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Security Services

Lockforce provide a wide range of security and specialist services covering both Land based and Maritime security operations; where required, these services may be tailored to meet client specific requirements. The Lockforce team have the knowledge and experience to adapt to the ever evolving security challenges of the domestic and international security arena, thereby providing our clients with a superior product.

Land Based Security

Lockforce are familiar with the complex and challenging environments clients are at times faced with, through thorough assessment of a client’s requirements, Lockforce are able to offer clients workable solutions.

Land Based Security Services include but are not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Security & Emergency Response
  • Site Security Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Security Advisory Services (including accompanying in-field exploration teams)
  • Corporate Travel Security (Protection package)
  • Static Guard Force Management and or Mentoring
  • Security Gap Analysis/Vulnerability Assessments & Surveys
  • Security Risk & Threat Assessments
  • Security Management system implementation
  • Security & Emergency Management plans and procedures
  • Security Management system review & auditing

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Maritime Security

Lockforce provide a professional maritime security service globally and at an internationally recognised standard. Lockforce teams have extensive knowledge and experience within the maritime security sector and are predominantly former Australian Special Forces (SAS) or specialist police. All teams have completed the ISPS CSO, SSO, PFSO, and PSO course, and are qualified Lead Auditors.

Maritime Security Services include but are not limited to:

  • Off Shore Platform Security Surveys
  • Port Facility & Ship Security Surveys
  • Port Facility & Ship Security Plans
  • Security Plan assessment & review
  • Security Management system implementation
  • Security Management system implementation
  • Maritime Security Anti-Piracy operations
  • Provision of Sea Marshals
  • Vessel target hardening
  • Anti- Piracy procedures
  • Pirated Vessel Assessment/ Investigation
  • ISPS training certified by RABQSA (Online or classroom based)
  • Port, anchor or underway Security Procedures

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Specialist Services

IT & Information Security

Lockforce have responded to growing requirement of business to counteract the ever increasing incidents of cyber threats to their networks. Lockforce IT specialists have substantial experience in this field and provide the following services:

  • IT & Communications Security
  • IT Systems Counter Surveillance
  • Encrypt & Secure Global Communications
  • IT Loss prevention & IT Disaster Recovery
  • Intelligence gathering & Risk Alert
  • Information Security/Penetration Testing/System Integrity Testing
  • Network Design & Construction
  • Database Design & Control
  • Remote Backup & Database Management

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Lockforce provide specialist Technical Surveillance Counter Measure sweeps and associated services to clients who are exposed to a competitive and challenging business environment and require peace of mind that confidential business meetings, plans and or strategy meetings or workshops remain confidential.

Security Penetration Testing

Lockforce provide a full Security Penetration Testing service to clients who may be concerned that a compromise to their organisations operation may be financially crippling.

Lockforce will conduct a full security risk assessment of an operation, and the penetration test will expose exploitable vulnerabilities. Lockforce will then provide recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities, and where required, provide training to employees to improve their security awareness. The complete process will assist clients in aligning themselves with the ISO: 28000 supply chain security standard. The highest in confidentiality and integrity is assured.

Vulnerability Assessment Tool

The Lockforce Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) has been designed to improve maritime security processes and procedures. Once implemented, the VAT will provide a minimum level of security standards in relation to the protection of key assets.

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